The goal is to help the body compensate for imbalances from stress, whether physical, emotional or mental. Stress affects those points of our structure that are more debilitated and especially the digestive system. It also produces back pains, fluid retention, among other ailments.

Through this program an initial assessment of the general state of electromagnetic health is made and based on the results the protocols are designed to work according to the needs and the profile of the patient with a frequency of sessions to be determined and a duration of one hour each

In the first session will be an assessment of stress levels and their possible causes and consequences as well as a first initial treatment of immediate effect. The appropriate complements will also be suggested if necessary.

At different moments of the program, the electromagnetic structure and its state will be re-measured in depth, the treatment will be done according to the protocol and tools will be given for stress management at home. At the end of the program a stress management plan will be implemented.