What does your light say …

A journey from Technology to Consciousness

Revolutionary electrophotonic method made especially for an "express" assessment of a person's energy status through the BIO-WELL. 

What is BIO-WELL
Bio Well is the first scientific measuring device in the energy field of people, objects, places, etc. that allows us to measure, analyze, visualize and correct the energy fields for a fuller life….

Through the use of Bio-Well we:

• Measure a person's energy field, which reflects the energy state, mood and emotions and, in some cases, the spiritual

• Measure the level of stress of the person. The dynamics of changes in the state in the future depend on this indicator.

• Monitor your energy over time and measure the scope of everything that can affect your health status. Prevent and take the
reins for a better management of your health.

• Measure the chakras and create individual meditative music to harmonize the energy flows, which affect all the organs of
the human body.

• Evaluate the state of well-being and the human energetic potential. It allows you to self-assess the effects of any medication,
treatment, new physical, mental, sports or nutritional therapy. (Before and after)

• From now on and with BIO WELL we can study a barely explored dimension of nature and of ourselves: Energy