Mirna Barriga

- Licenced Masage Therapist
- Reconnection-Certified & Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner
- ONNETSU Therapist
- SCENAR Therapistst


Felipe Barriga

- Bioenergy applied to Health Expert
- Wellness Coaching specialist
-  Reconnection-Certified & Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner
- BIO-WELL Technology Specialist
- BIO-WELL Psico-emotional Analist

Hello, we are Felipe and Mirna Barriga. It is a pleasure to welcome you to SABIO. Thank you for visiting us …
Now a little about how SABIO Energetic Wellness came to be.

For many years my wife, Mirna, and I worked in different fields. I worked in IT, Mirna in retail management and sales, we worked in industrial and commercial building maintenance, to owning a restaurant and several other businesses. We were not however passionate about

what we were doing and we really wanted to be passionate about our work… so began a journey of discovery that led us to choosing service to others as the theme of our life work going forward. We wanted to help other people to achieve better health, and to have joy in their lives. We looked around and found that there is a lot available with respect to alternative and complimentary therapies that can help us restore and maintain it. The scientific advancements of our age are truly impressive.

We therefore, began to study, Mirna in the USA and I in Spain, intending to get our titles and certifications in bioenergetic health, we were both successful.

We got excited about learning new ways to better health. Today’s technology can help us to monitor our health status, can in fact give us a “road map” to help us transform our health. There are some truly revolutionary machines available today that can, with the right therapist, help us overcome a host of health challenges.

We believe this new technology gives the client the tools they need to map out a better way to total selfcare, joy and independence.

With that idea SABIO Energetic Wellness began to form in our minds. Today SABIO Energetic Wellness is a reality in West Palm Beach Florida, a place where you can take a bold leap and change the way you heal your mind, body and spirit.

Our Goal is to give you the tools to a joyful future through better health and continued independence.

At SABIO we include many modalities and technologies to help you get to where you want to be.

We offer; electromagnetic therapy, energy healing, Sound wave therapy, Far infrared massage, Swedish Massage, Psycho-emotional therapy, lifestyle coaching, diet and nutrition coaching. We use safe FDA registered technology that is not going to leave you with unpleasant or unwanted side effects.

Our programs are tailored to you and your goals.

For us there is only one way to measure success… If you feel healthy again, are sleeping better, are free from pain, smile more and are beginning to enjoy your life again.

Our mission, a healthy happy you…

Health is not just the absence of pain or unpleasant symptoms. “Health is a state of complete harmony of body,

mind and spirit.”

“When one is free of physical disabilities and mental distractions, the doors of the soul open.”